passenger transport rules

1. General Terms

The following terms are used in the Rules:

1.1. Departure Time - The time on the ticket as the earliest possible time of departure of the bus but which can be changed for a later time for various reasons beyond the control of the carrier.

1.2. Deviation from traffic - Deviation from traffic is the time that exceeds more than 10% of the total scheduled time of the route but not less than one hour.

1.3. Discount - The price reduction granted to certain categories of passengers, as in case of various promotional activities and special situations.

1.4. Baggage - Items intended for personal use of passengers must be packed in bags and suitcases.

1.5. Ticket - Contract between the passenger and the carrier, which entitles the passenger to use the bus service only according to the information recorded on the ticket (passenger's name, surname, journey date, date and time).

1.6. Delay - See deviation from traffic (1.2.)

1.7. Cargo - Personal items not packed in bags or suitcases or other items not intended for personal use (products, merchandise, containers, etc.).

1.8. Time schedule - Schedule for the operation of routes, which determines the traffic, stops and points on the bus (transport vehicle) route as well as crossing the border and the days and the time of the service.

1.9. Route - Default traffic path of the transport vehicle, between the place of departure and the place of arrival.

1.10. Carrier - The company which upon request or contract with the passenger or on another legal basis assumes responsibility for the carriage.

1.11. Passenger - A person who, under the contract (ticket) or on another legal basis, uses the transport vehicle for travel or baggage and also uses other services provided by the carrier.

1.12. Arrival Time - The estimated arrival time of buses in this city, based on estimates of how long it takes to travel along the road, respecting the road traffic code, taking into account the wait for control and transit borders, but also travel circumstances. Time can also change for unpredictable reasons, beyond carrier control.

2. Validity of rules:

2.1. These rules define the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the passenger and the carrier and apply to the transport of  buses by ART TOUR. For tickets purchased during promotional activities, special rules may apply for which the passenger is separately informed and who refer to the ticket purchased during the campaign. If there is another way in the specific rules, in this case it is necessary to apply these clarification rules.

2.2. In case of any change being made to the rules for the carriage of passengers, for any tickets purchased earlier, the rules in force at the time of purchase of the ticket shall apply.

2.3. The extract from the rules on the back of the ticket is only informative. If the information on the cover differs from the basic passenger transport information, due to any changes, the only correct ones are the registered rules at www.arttour.gr

2.4. In case of peculiarities in the laws of different countries, different rules may not be acceptable for all countries, in such cases this is indicated separately.

3. Rules during a trip:

3.1. Passenger's responsibility is to keep the ticket until the end of the journey and deliver it to the border, road and internal control services.

3.2. The passenger is required to arrive at the place of departure of the buses indicated on the ticket and registered by the travel agent for at least 30 minutes for international and 15 minutes for domestic services before the time of departure indicated on the ticket.

3.3. The carrier shall provide stops at least every 4.5 hours and provided that they do not jeopardize the safety of passengers and their luggage.

3.4. Arrival time and departure time for all stops, which are not start-finish points, can be specified at ART TOUR Ticket Agencies, or by following the instructions on the ticket.

3.5. The parameters of the three luggage units must not exceed 1 piece of hand baggage weighing up to 10 kg and 2 pieces of standard luggage measuring 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, in the luggage compartment of the bus, up to 20 kg each. The dimensions of hand luggage, which may be in the passenger compartment of the bus with the passenger, shall not exceed 20cm x 20cm x 30cm. All valuables must be carried in hand luggage.

3.6. Additional luggage or cargo is accepted for carriage only in the case of free space in the luggage compartment of the bus and for an extra charge. More detailed information on baggage and cargo transportation and prices is available at ART TOUR offices, buses or at www.arttour.gr

3.7. By conveying luggage and loads in the luggage compartment of the bus the carrier is only responsible for the introduction of luggage or cargo units but does not guarantee their integrity and performance. The occupant is himself responsible for the storage of hand luggage.

3.8. If a passenger enters intoxicated behavior, behaves inappropriately or does not have the documents required for crossing the border, the carrier has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract to carry out the shipment. In this case, the passenger is not allowed to travel. The travel escort notes the reason for terminating the contract on the ticket. A Passenger with such a Ticket, in the event of claims, is addressed to ART TOUR ticket vendors for the purpose of examining the particular case.

3.9. During the journey to passengers it is prohibited:

3.9.1. The transport of animals, substances and objects which are dangerous to human life and health, as well as substances and objects, which can cause damage to the luggage of other passengers

3.9.2. The use of alcohol and drugs

3.9.3. Smoking in the cabin and the toilet of the bus

3.9.4. Behavior that hinders the bus staff or disturbs other passengers

3.9.5. Put the legs on the seats and close the treadmill between the bus seats

3.10. If passengers encounter problems with the public authorities or if the passenger violates the transport rules, the bus staff has the right to remove the particular passenger from the bus and / or comply with the instructions of the public authorities. In this case the ticket price is not refundable.

3.11. Specific rules:

3.11.1. Passengers are required to wear the seat belt if the bus is equipped with them

3.11.2. Only people over the age of 14 are allowed to sit at positions 1 to 4

3.11.3. Children under 14 years of age can only travel if accompanied by an adult

3.11.4. Children up to 12 years of age travel at a 50% discount on the ticket price on the domestic routes but with a seat right

3.12. If the passenger disembarks from the bus without the bus driver being told to stop for a rest or does not arrive within 3 minutes after the end of the stop time announced, the carrier is not responsible for the passenger's stay outside the bus.

4. Purchase and return of ticket, modification of the personal data.

4.1. The carrier is only responsible for transporting the passenger to the place mentioned on the ticket. The value of the ticket does not include the luggage insurance of the passenger, the insurance policy must be concluded separately with an insurance company.

4.2. If the ticket was purchased at a discount, during the trip, you must have a document confirming the validity of the discount application. If discounts are made on the itinerary for specific age groups (children, young people, over 59), the discount is applied according to age at the time of the first trip.

4.3. If the items recorded on the ticket do not correspond to the parameters of the itinerary or the documents provided by the passengers, the passenger is not entitled to make the trip or must be charged in addition to modifying the ticket information to the actual.

4.4. All the seats in the bus are equally comfortable. If necessary, the carrier has the right, without prior notice, to change the place shown on the ticket.

4.5. An extra 20% charge for the ticket is possible to change the passenger's name or surname (until the first trip), retaining the other parameters (route, last stop, direction and tariff category). This service is available only at ART TOUR's ticket offices.

4.6. Until the time of the first trip to the ticket within a route, the place of departure / arrival may change. This service is available only at ART TOUR's ticket offices. If the modified ticket costs more, the passenger is required to pay the difference. If the revised ticket has a lower price, the difference will not be refunded.

4.7. Change of departure date can be made up to 48 hours prior to this trip.

4.8. Copies of lost tickets are not provided.

4.9. In the case of a return ticket with an open return date, the passenger is required to confirm the travel date he wishes at least 48 hours before the date and time of travel and for the periods from 15 November to 15 January and from 15 June until September 15, and holiday periods, confirmation must be made at least 72 hours before the trip.

4.10. Prior reservation by phone is valid no later than 24 hours before the bus departs from the original stop and for the periods from 15 November to 15 January and 15 June to 15 September and other times during festivals, reservations are valid at the latest 48 hours before the date and time of departure of the bus from the original stop.

5. Ticket cancelletion:

5.1. Cancellations must be made before the departure of the bus. Only for tickets that are canceled in time refund is paid. Refund is only allowed for the full ticket or for return. In the case of a return ticket only the ticket in the first direction is void.

5.2. Cancellations can be made:

5.2.1. At the ART TOUR ticket offices where the ticket was purchased

5.2.2. In extreme cases, when the passenger is unable to arrive at the place of departure or at the ticket vendor from where the ticket was purchased, the trip may be canceled at the ART TOUR ticket offices

5.3. How to pay compensation for an unused route:

5.3.1. In the case of unused tickets, the passenger who wishes to be refunded the amount paid shall submit a written request for reimbursement and state the reasons for canceling the trip and in the application shall also indicate the bank account to which he wishes to receive the sum. For electronic tickets - the amount is refunded to the card account from which the purchase of the ticket was made. The application is submitted to the ART TOUR ticket voucher from which it was purchased by delivering the ticket with timely cancellation, cash receipt and police ID (passport or driving license).

5.3.2. The compensation is received within 30 days in the bank account indicated by the passenger for tickets issued by ticketing devices or in the account from which the purchase of the ticket (for electronic tickets) was made.

5.3.3. Compensations for a voyage that has not been completed or cancellation of the trip are not paid in cash.

6. Travel cancellation:

6.1. A refund is considered for a ticket before the date and time of travel. In this case, the following sums may be reimbursed to the passenger:

- In case of cancellation, at least 48 hours before the date of the trip - 80% of the ticket price

- In case of cancellation, less 24 hours before the departure date, amounts are not refunded.

6.2. After the departure of the bus, funds for the unused ticket are not refunded. The only exception is if the passenger, during the month following the departure of the bus, presents to ART TOUR ticket vendors a justification that the reason for not using the ticket is an accident, serious illness or death. In such cases, the unused ticket may be moved for a later date. To cancel this ticket and get compensation for it is impossible.

6.3. If the route was canceled at the fault of the carrier, 100% of the ticket is refunded

7. How are requests examined:

7.1. Requirements for deviation from the timetable are considered and are subject to compensation only in cases where they are incurred by the carrier.

7.2. Complaints and claims from passengers regarding the trip should be addressed to the carrier - company, which has performed the specific route. The passenger can learn the address at the ticket vendor from which he bought the ticket or on the website www.arttour.gr The responsibility for the quality of the transport is entirely borne by the carrier - company. In extreme cases complaints may be submitted to any delegation of ART TOUR within 1 month from the date of the scheduled service or at our headquarters Akti Kondili 62 - Piraeus. Complaints are reviewed within 30 days of the date of the trip.

7.3. If there is a delay in departing from the fault of the carrier, there are two options: at first the passenger chooses to make the trip - in this case claims for delay before the trip and the place of arrival are not accepted. If the passenger decides not to use the itinerary, then it is necessary to act in accordance with point 6 of these rules.

7.4. Compulsory stops for technical reasons during the trip:

7.4.1. If the journey is interrupted by the carrier's fault and he can not secure a transfer to another carrier's bus, to the passenger, in the event of refusal to continue the trip, shall be paid compensation for the remainder of the trip, in accordance with the value of the ticket purchased or the carrier compensates the passenger with a ticket for another bus (or train, if there are no bus routes on the route) to the place indicated on the carrier's ticket.

7.5. It is the responsibility of the passenger to know all relevant information before purchasing the ticket, including information related to the execution of the route, the exact route, accessible information on the bus, the necessary border crossing documents, etc. This information, provided that it falls within its competence, can also be given by the customer servicing officer, orally, to ART TOUR's ticket offices.

7.6. It is the responsibility of the passenger to check the correctness of the information on the ticket immediately after receipt of the ticket. Subsequent modifications shall be made in accordance with point 4 of this Regulation.

7.7. Ticket schedules and timetables are listed according to schedule and within the scope of the bus to comply and apply this timetable but the carrier does not guarantee its implementation. The carrier has the right to change or cancel timetables or timetables without prior notice.

7.8. The carrier is not responsible:

7.8.1. For deviating from the timetable, for not finding a vehicle in time, for the consequences arising from unforeseen circumstances (including but not limited to weather, road congestion, acts of government, etc., as well as actions of the same (technical damage to the bus to the point of termination of the route, which the carrier has not been able to anticipate and prevent despite the measures it has taken.

7.8.2. For any damage to the passenger due to deviation from the timetable, except in the case of omissions and deliberate intentional non-fulfillment of the obligations on the part of the carrier.

7.8.3. For any unrealized transfer to any kind of transportation or transportation due to deviation from the timetable, except for the transfers mentioned on the ART TOUR ticket. If the passenger fails to transfer to a place marked on the ticket, ART TOUR provides the passenger with an alternative means of transport.

7.8.4. For any damage to the passenger due to criminal activities of any individual (including other passengers, traffic participants or bus staff).

7.8.5. In case of problems of passengers with state authorities, on their documents (passport, visas, insurance, etc.) or on the contents of the luggage of the passengers

7.8.6. For abandoned or forgotten items in the bus cabin.

8. Buying online tickets

8.1. Each customer can buy his ticket through an automated ART TOUR electronic system on www.arttour.gr No registration is required for the purchase of an electronic ticket.

8.2. After selecting a route, destination, fill in the details and select a location, the ticket is held for 15 minutes in the bus outline. During this 15-minute standby, our system waits for payment and confirmation of payment of the ticket.

8.3. After successful ticket payment the customer receives the ticket with one of the 4 available options: 
-With the code shown and the ID / passport he gets his ticket from our offices
-Direct ticket printing
-By receiving the ticket in a pdf file
-With an e-mail to the address you provided

8.4. In case of unsuccessful payment, after 10 minutes, during which the system retained the positions, they are again available for purchase by each customer.

8.5. If the trip is canceled, the terms of point 5 apply and the refund of the ticket payment is made only by bank transfer.

8.6. If you purchase an online ticket from the ART TOUR website, you agree to these general terms.

9. Protection of personal data

9.1. ART TOUR only keeps personal data in order to be able to authorize its customers when buying an online ticket and to process the accumulation of their bonus points from travel.

9.2. ART TOUR does not maintain or store in any way information about your credit / debit card used to buy an online ticket.

9.3. ART TOUR takes all the technical measures to protect your personal data, which is included when registering on the carrier's website.

9.4. By signing up, you agree to receive an electronic newsletter with information about new services and offers of the company.

10. BONUS CARD Program

10.1. The ART TOUR "BONUS CARD" program gives you the ability to collect points when you buy a travel ticket.

10.2. For each trip the customer collects a certain number of points according to the terms of the program.

10.3. By collecting a certain number of points the customer can use them to buy a bonus ticket. The ticket price is determined by the terms of the program.

10.4. ART TOUR can, at any time and without notice, change the number of points accumulated by travel or the necessary points for the issue of a bonus ticket.

10.5. The customer is required to provide the customer card number when purchasing the ticket from the ticket vendor of the carrier.

10.6. The client has the obligation to monitor the concentration of his points. Points can be are checked at any office of ART TOUR or by telephone.

10.7. Points can be used to buy one-way or round-trip tickets.

10.8. In case you wish to use a bonus ticket, the customer must accurately and clearly inform about this cashier. If he has not told the cashier in advance and has been issued a regular ticket, the customer has to pay it normally.

10.9. Participation in the "BONUS CARD" program of ART TOUR is free of charge and for this purpose you need to request a client card issuance at one of our offices or fill in an electronic application at www.arttour.gr

10.10. In case of illegal use of the bonus card, ART TOUR reserves the right to cancel the card without notice and can reset the already accumulated points.

10.11. For children's tickets or tickets from bids and offer prices purchased, points are not collected.

11. Variation and access to the general terms

11.1. These general terms may be supplemented and modified at any time by the carrier. The carrier is obliged to change or complete the rules by publishing them on www.arttour.gr